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About Rhiannon

About Rhiannon

Rhiannon Sargent

M.Sc.(Psych), Dip.Grad.Psych. MBPS

Rhiannon graduated from Aberystwyth University with a degree in Music and Philosophy. In her own private CBT practice, she serves a combination of private and corporate clients, specialising in behavioural problems.

These may include: Trauma, Phobia, "Feeling low", Confidence, Anger, and personal organisation issues.

She also provides support to individuals and couples with relationship problems, and offers a mentoring and personal coaching service to individuals,to help them manage the balance between their personal lives and values, and the way these affect work or business.

Rhiannon trained as an HR manager with a multi-national construction company, where she ran part of its nationwide graduate recruitment programme which led to various assessment projects and ongoing one-to-one mentoring and coaching assignments.

She then became a director of a small management consultancy, with responsibility for assignments, including specialised recruitment and assessment at senior management and director level.

As she became increasingly involved in the personal development of individuals, she completed her M.Sc. (Psychology) and became accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.(BACP)

She has run her own consultancy ever since.