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Case Studies

My client relationships are sacrosanct. NOBODY knows, and nobody will ever know who you are or what you come to discuss with me. So when I'm asked to provide case studies I have to be very careful to ensure that our confidentiality rules are kept.

None the less, if you're new to this, you will want to see some examples of what I do, so here are a few brief ones..........:

A professional, who thought his career had plateaued, and couldn't see how any more progress was possible, first came to see me five years ago. Since then I've helped him with his personal organisation, the way he presents himself, priority setting, time management, and general confidence building. He still gets frustrated from time to time - who doesn't? BUT he's been promoted twice and now he believes in himself!

An engineer who lacked self esteem and confidence sensed these things were holding his career back. He was finding family relationships difficult, not to say impossible. We have together discussed and improved his ability to assert himself, use a few undeniable talents he thought he didn't have, and smarten up his whole appearance and demeanour. The improvement in his self confidence is gratifying.

A student who couldn't - or wouldn't work to deadlines is now a graduate and has been accepted for a Masters Degree which he has now begun.

A manager who was a bullying victim at work has managed to get rid of his demons, and is emerging as a confident and happier colleague.

A teacher has been promoted twice and, equipped with the resume that we've written together is now contemplating further career enhancements.

An entrepreneur has confronted a series of personal behavioural problems and challenges, and continues to do so.

I've worked with: Academics, Teachers, Managers, Owners, Directors, Partners, Husbands, Wives, Single Parents, Students, Doctors, Firefighters, Public Service workers, Entrepreneurs and Investors. I can help you reach and even exceed your current goals.


" Rhiannon made me confront things I had been trying to avoid for years. Together we made a plan. I didn't stick to all of it at once, but we got there in the end"

" I never, ever thought I could believe in myself so much. Thanks Rhiannon"

" I just like coming here. It helps me feel better"

" You will never know how much difference you've made to my life"