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Stress Management Cardiff

What is Stress?
The new "backache", Stress is now the biggest single cause of Absence from work in the UK. It harms relationships, breaks up families and marriages, and yet, when it happens to you or me, it's unique in its agonising effect on the way we think, and behave. IT IS THE CONDITION IN WHICH WE FEEL WE ARE STRUGGLING TO COPE WITH OUR LIVES, when we would (if only...!) just prefer to pull the covers over our heads and shut ourselves away from the world.

What are the causes of stress?
Stress is frequently about one of two things: EITHER a number of factors all conspiring, or seeming to conspire to make life unbearable, OR one single, but very big thing, which sucks in all our energy and commitment,and consumes all our emotional resource, leaving us exhausted, and perhaps depressed.

So stress can be about the life/work balance, or perhaps about our difficulty in managing time, defining priorities, or about difficulties in our relationships either at home or outside.

Or it can be about something deeply personal, perhaps our sexuality, perhaps something we did, or was done to us. And of course it can be about work, a new boss, a new colleague, or changes in working methods and practices. Those are some of the causes.

And the symptoms of stress?
Irritability; bad temper; tearfulness; mood swings; smoking too much; drinking; bad driving; being easily distracted; just feeling that "it's all got on top of me"; depression.

How can you help, Rhiannon?
Visit my contact page and give me a call, or drop me an email and I'll call you back. First, I'll invite you to come and talk to me. We'll simply chat about how you feel, what you do, where your time goes, what are the key influences on your life. I will listen very carefully -and don't worry, I WILL understand.
Together we'll try to tease out what's causing you to feel like this. (See my CBT and Counselling pages).

Then we'll sort out a simple action plan, and a date to review our progress.


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