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Managing Anxiety

"Nothing is as important as you think it is when you are thinking about it."

  • Do you view yourself as vulnerable?
  • Do you find yourself wasting time procrastinating?
  • Do you worry about the the future and your ability to deal with unexpected events?

Any of these can heighten our sense of anxiety. They also impede our self confidence, diminish initiative and our ability to concentrate. In other words anxiety wastes our time and energy. Why not plan for a more effective and worthwhile outcome?

Learn not only how to alleviate these symptoms but also how to develop more productive ways of thinking/working.

First steps include:

  • Bringing order out of chaos.
  • Realising that the resources you possess - although you might very well have forgotten that you ever possessed them, can be redirected towards far more helpful and creative courses of action.
  • Learning not only how to modify unhelpful and distressing assumptions but also how to re-train your thoughts to accentuate better outcomes.

Because you can!
This isn't just about developing 'coping strategies' it's about realising you are capable of far more than you might ever have thought possible.

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